So, I haven’t been on lately. I have been doing relatively well. Until today.

I went to my new gym. I have only been 3 times due to a horribly heaby schedule. But the bright side of my horribly heavy workload is no time to be anxious. I have been suppressing it and plann8ng. Tonight it broke through.

I had dinner, ate too quickly, and got heartburn. But i panicked, what if it was a heart attack. Then my face felt plastic like. Oh no a stroke. I googled it, and for once google came through and told me i wasn’t dying. But i am still anxious. Not a heart burn anxious, but a 3 weeks of ignoring it and it all coming through today anxious. I  trying to keep breathing, but its hard.

The worst part is making it thislong and realizing once again this is never going away. I am never going to not have anxiety.


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