So I have been working on final projects, and I continue to balance between fine and NOT FINE!

I just noticed a small weird rash on my leg and looked it up.  Apparently I have toasted skin syndrome, which comes from spending too much time with high heat on an area of the body.  In this case my leg, it may never go away.  Well actually, its faint, and as long as I don’t do it again it should be fine.  But I panicked, because after repeated cases it can lead to skin cancer.  Note its my first time.  I have had heartburn day after day, I am afraid I have an ulcer.  Note: It could be stress. And my back hurts, cause I have been sitting for hours working on stuff.

So now my face feels plasticy again.  This i now realize is from stress.  But in the last ten minutes I have had, lupus, brain cancer, stroke, vericose veins, skin cancer, breast cancer, and and ulcer.  In reality, I overheated a leg, while sitting prone working on a project overstressed.  And I want a tattoo.  But am afraid it will be a problem that I am overweight, so I have been too afraid to book a consult. I am sick of being afraid to do things because they might not turn out well


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