So in light of it being autism awareness month, I once again looked into being diagnosed.  Its not easy for an adult, in my province, its not easy in english, and stranger still its not easy without a family doctor, for which there is a 5 year waiting list for right now.  Once again putting this off till I move back to Ontario.

I did however spend a lot of time on the autism Canada site.  Took the quiz to tell you your “risk” of being on the spectrum, 38/50.  Where 30-50 is the high risk category.  It didn’t even include the weird side effects of not being able to hear people talk to you when other people are talking.  But anyways, I found a wonderful page on comorbids, ie Things that people with autism are more likely to have.  I bolded  things that apply to me.

Autoimmune conditions,Seizure disorders,Oesophagitis, Gastritis,Reflux,Asthma,Eczema,Allergies,Ear infections,Respiratory infections, Migraine headaches, Allergy disorder (including non IgE-mediated disorders or food intolerances), Headache, Ear ache, Sore throat, Constipation, Diarrhea, Muscle pain, Joint pain.

Sudden changes in behaviour, Aggression, Covering ears with hands, Loss of acquired skills, Irritability or moodiness, Frequent night waking or difficulty falling asleep, Teeth grinding, Walking on toes, Tantrums or oppositional behaviour,Self-injurious behaviour (biting, hitting, slapping, head-banging, etc.), Chewing on clothes or objects, Vocal expressions (moaning, whining, groaning, sighing), Posturing or seeking pressure,Repetitive rocking or other movements.

Its a lot of things, a a pretty short list.  Part of me thinks its the hyochondria speaking, and the other part wonders if I wouldn’t be such a hypochondriac if I had, had a family doctor who realized that everything that I have had wrong in my life actually stems back to an AS diagnosis.  Basically where I grew up the fact I could speak (after a year of speech therapy at 4), and did well in math and reading  and had my one friend meant I couldn’t be. Stay tuned later this week for a follow up with my whole “friend” issue.


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