So I have started the process for getting a tattoo.  At 30.  It may sound silly, but mostly it’s about control for me.  I spend so much time worrying about what will happen and what can go wrong, and this once I want to just do something, regardless of the consequences.

For those of you going “oh no, not a spontaneous tattoo”, I have been thinking about this, and the same image for 2 years.  I have selected a well known, clean tattoo parlor, and am in the process of outlining the tattoo with them, and getting an appointment set up.  So even my spontaneity isn’t so spontaneous, and I am not getting some random gigantic tattoo I will regret the rest of my life.

Its going to more go for the symbolism of not letting my anxiety win.  Not letting fear make me cancel things like it has been for way too long.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I will post a pic of the tattoo on here as proof I went through with it.  Fingers Crossed!


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