So if you follow this you have probably noticed I go weeks without blogging, and then I do it hourly.  That is my personality in a nutshell, everything is all or nothing.  I would love to be able to manage moderation in my life, but for me I either do it 110% or not at all.

It makes it very difficult to do things I don’t like, such as studying for the last final exam I have on Thursday, and very easy to spend the last four hours reading fanfiction laying on my arm only to realize its numb when I finally get up cause I desperately have to pee.

When it comes to doing what I don’t like, I have found the best solution is scheduling.  I always like to follow a good schedule, and if I say 45 minutes of studying, 10 minutes of housework, and a 5 minute break every hour, then I will pretty much stick to that.  Even if I check the clock every five minutes to see how long it’s been.

Which is the second reason I schedule, I have zero concept of time.  For me 1 or 10 minutes are the same, and sometimes 1 hour and 4 hours are.  I mean in general I can tell under 5 minutes from over an hour, but other that I really have no way of telling how much time has passed.  I find it makes social situations awkward when I have somewhere I have to be.  No, I don’t find you boring, I am really enjoying hearing about your view on the Harry Horcrux situation, but I have to be somewhere at 12, and though its 11:15 and I need to be 5 minutes from here, I really have to check my watch quite a bit to make sure I end up there.  Or set an alarm, but other than that, I have been late more than once for things I showed up early to because I have no linear concept of time. I know now that this is another hallmark of the autism spectrum, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling bad that I showed up 45 minutes late to someones house when I got ready 45 minutes before I had to go.

And when you don’t see me on the blog for a while, remember, its not because I forgot, or have nothing to say, it may have been two weeks, but for me, it really feels like I was just here yesterday.


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