When all is said and done, there is is.  There are three tiny spots where they ink seems a little thick, and makes it appear minorly distorted.  But to start, it hasn’t healed.  So I am going to let it heal and then if I decide it needs a little touch up here and there I will have it done.  But that’s about 3 weeks away, so why worry about it now.  Even so, its great.  I did it.  I washed it and rubbed cream into it, it didn’t hurt.  Actually with the exception of about 2 seconds, it was a 2-3/10 with about 2-4 seconds of a 6.  10 being that time I cut open my finger on a knife in the sink.  The advantage is, unlike the knife it no longer hurts.  Sure if may hurt later, but with the size I was told it shouldn’t be so bad.  I have officially mastered my anxiety enough to book a tattoo, sit in the parlor for half an hour waiting, and then get the tattoo.  I honestly don’t think I was in a place where I could have managed that last year. Finally a point in my favor


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