So I joined an online dating site on Friday.

I am going to start by saying the site just launched and is full of bugs, so if you are interested, wait a week before trying to sign up.  Basically its a dating site, that was launched by the creators of the FB group NerdsWithVaginas, to help us hook up with people with similar interests.  I find this of particular interest as while I have tried other dating sites, I get the only options being looking for someone of the opposite sex, and while the personality profiles are a match, all the guys on the site are basically men who are majorly outdoorsy and really into sports.

I am usually good on these sites for about 2 minutes. Then I run out of things to say, I have a problem making small talk in general.  Which makes it hard to make friends, let alone make more that friends.  I have no idea what to say to someone to make the conversation keep going, and since my other speed is randomly rambling without pause, there isn’t really a good option here.

Anyone else have trouble dating, online or in person?


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