I have been doing okay.  Not great, but okay.  Tomorrow I leave for a two day trip out of town and today I strained my wrist.  I panicked.  I was trying to get rid of some bags at a donation bin, and it was high up, and I had to hold open the bin with one hand throw a large garbage bag into the bin over my head.  And someone was watching, and it took three attempts and I was embarrassed.  So I tried to do everything faster than I should have and a minute after it hurt.  For the next twenty minutes or so it hurt whenever I moved in certain direction.

I came home 3:20, iced it, took ibuprofen and it hurt a bit when holding things.  I was bored and it hurt till around 4, lessening.  Then my parents came home, the pizza came. I ate, started packing at around 9:00 and realized that I didn’t recall the last time it hurt.  Rolled my wrist, it didn’t really hurt.  Kept thinking  about it, finished. by 9:30 it was hurting again.  But I know it was 90% hypochondria, cause regardless of what they say, pain killers don’t really last 6 hours when there is an injury.  So I ran it through cold water, took more pain killers and wrapped it. Tomorrow morning it will be either really bad or I will have completely forgotten it.  But again, 99% sure its hypochondria, and unless my hand feels like its falling off tomorrow I am going on my trip. I may even come home a day late and enjoy a night in a hotel.


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