At the moment I have backpain.  I know what I did, it was stupid.  Oh and my tongue is burnt.  But i survived my trip.  What I was hoping to make a two night trip at my friends was only one, and frankly I didn’t push.  I forgot how much work toddlers are.  And I wanted to go home after 2 days of listening to him make sounds in the range that would make a dog go crazy.

Right now I am stressing over an interview for an upcoming job, and have found my sensory sensitivities are in overdrive.  Specifically in terms of hearing, bright lights and taste.  Thank god touch isn’t worse than usual, but I have been in PJ’s most the week, so who know.

The worst part about unemployment is the lack of routine.  I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning, so any routine I make has to be flexible.  Which means I am taking my acid reflux medication ittermittantly as I remember it. Hopefully I will have a job soon and this will all be over.


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