You know the saying “You aren’t paranoid if everyone is out to get you” ? That describes my day. I had to argue with the server to get room service. I had to argue to get my meal paid. At the interview,I rocked it. At the tour, I fell down the stairs.

Ya that happened. It felt like I was in slow motion as my foot slid from the top stair and even my three point contact couldn’t stop me.  It was humiliation in the extreme. I got back up fast. I wasnt severly injured, the bruising will be spectacular tomorrow. Its actually pretty intense already. It was a swam dive type fall.
I think I blew my chance at the job though if they had any sense they would ask me to follow up not because I was great candidate, but because we were not wearing the minimum PPE footwear required which was why I slipped in the first place. I was wearing a woman’s dress  shoe and was not told in advance there would be a tour. I would never have worn these paticular shoes had I known. They slip on floors.
I actually mad it to the airport and had dinner before the hypochondria kicked in full force. Can you fly right after falling down stairs? Apparently in increases the chance of blood clots because there is a prpblem. So now I began to panic, do I go?
I am writing this on the plane. Its an hour to Toronto and I will reassess there. There is norhing in the Sault so I couldn’t to the hospital.  At least in Toronto I could gwt something done.
Apparently the main worry is lack of mobility over time and my flighrs are both short. The pain isn’t increasing  and I am committed now that I am on the plane. Toronto is literally the next place to land this thing.
Most people wouldn’t have googled this and just gone for it so O am hoping this once all will go well. With the exception of using the hot tub this trip was a bust start to finish.
Now that I am blogging this my leg hurts  more. Probably a combination of moving it cause I realized when writing I should be and writing it making me hyperfocus.Most of you probably don’t care but I will update you with how I am either when I get home or tomorrow.

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