With the exception of a particularly viscous bruise on my shin, that I may have to get checked out, I am on the mend from last weeks swan dive down a flight of stairs.  The problem going forward is an intense protectiveness of a bruise on my shin that seems to touch everything and cause agony, and an increase in the stair anxiety.

Having fallen down the stairs many times, mostly 2-5 steps, I have had a lingering fear of stair cases since the first time I walked right off the top of a stair case at age ten and did somersaults down 10 wooden stairs.  The idea of going up and down unfamiliar stair cases often terrifies me months in advance, and having recently swan dived this has gone into overdrive.

Already I am having trouble sleeping in anticipation of a staircase of Friday for after brunch plans, and one the following week when helping a friend pack up her apartment next week.  And the 2 floor walk up I booked in October to go to an HP festival in October.  The problem is, that for most people, this wouldn’t be a problem, but the knowledge that even with three point contact and paying attention I could still walk off a stair case at any moment is pretty terrifying.

Anyone else out there had any luck with therapies or at home exercises?


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