So I called 811 last night and as long as pain is lessening I don’t have to go to tge doctor. Tonight though there is a spot on one of my bruises that is suddenly far more paunful when touched. And I am panicked. I dobt want to call 811 yet, cause its been really recently. But at the samr tine i am not sure if I can sleep otherwise.

It may be the next step of the smae thing as yesterday.The better is gets, the less swollen everything is, the more individual things hurt. A week ago my entire right leg throbbed and my knee was swollen. Once the overall swellibg went down my shin hurt alot. I think it hurt all along, but couldnt be felt under the pain of the gaint knee bruise.

Now today my shin is feling way better (tried some emugel the last 2 days and it may have reduced inflammation).  I can feel individual sore spots on my shin .  Now tonight i feel pain in the sode of my lower leg bruise which may have been obscured by the massive radiating pain in my shin.

J am of course worried I have a hematoma thats going to kill me in my sleep or cause a stroke.  I am going to give 30 more minutes and if I am still increasingly anxious I will call 811. I try not to indulge the hypochondria, but there comes a point where if I dont I am going to ruin everything else in my day day.  Week Score Me:0 Hypochondria 2


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