So despite making the guy loosen my wristbad bwfore he atttached it, its still tighter than I would like on my arm. So I can  constantly feel it even when I am not moving. At the moment I am getting ready for bed and cringing at the thpugth of trying to sleep with this monstrosity on my wrist.

During the event I had a major lighting problem with them beaming this ultra bright light i my eyes that started giving me a headache by the end of the day.

I almost tripped twice, and wrenched my knee a littlw sranding up. Oh and I have a strangely irritated toenail but I am hoping this will all be better in the morning. Completely packed meala this year so I dont have to stand in line, which makes me very agitated and there seemed to be enough seatng dor breaks. I have a good schedule planned out and with the exception of one activity falling through everything is on schedule.

Overall Status Post Day 1 : SURVIVED!


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