I recently read a post from another blogger talking about being gifted.  If I had been diagnosed I think I probably would have been classed that way as a child.  Despite a complete lack of ability to pay attention or listen to directions, and a constant stream of commentary spewing from my mouth at anyone who would listen, or was unfortunate enough to be in ear range, I always had straight A’s.  The exception being my satisfactory, or unsatisfactory, in peer interaction.

By the time I reached grade 8 I was actually falling behind, couldn’t be bothered to listen at all in lessons and was putting in a lackluster effort in assignments knowing I would pass.  I had a 66 average, it was all that was necessary.  When I transferred mid year to another province, and ended up in high school, I excelled again.  In an environment where it was less paced to the slowest learner, and I was readily allowed to read when I was done working, I went back to my straight A’s, but in a fraction of the time of those around me.  What I learned in University in a seminar, basically is that there are different types of learning, and I for one, am not the type that can listen to a lecture and retain high volumes.

In cegep, bachelors and masters degrees I put in more hours and continued to do extremely well .  I then graduated, and flopped spectacularly. I came back for one more degree, and actually made a specific effort to study school less and people more.  I needed to literally learn the social interaction and networking skills that I had missed the first time around. Teachers were always so focused on the academics, making sure everyone could read, they just assumed the rest would sort its self out at recess.

While I won the multiplication challenge in grade 4 for memorizing my 18 times tables, I wish rather than getting a pat on the back, I had had someone tell me to spend more time interacting with people, and less time studying.  While I enjoyed the studying more, it would have been more helpful for me to have a soft skills tutor to teach me how to talk to people.


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