This week is a week of stress. I have two job interviews and I am starting the week driving my grandparents back after a weekend visit.

Last week ended in an emergency hospital visit after 3 hours of sleep to discover my dad has kidney stones. The hospital, a hypochrondriacs nightmare… That started to disrupt my routine. The visit took that to the next level, with two sick relatives for three days.

Then I drove them hone. My 3.5 hour drive took 5.5 hours in the end. Most of it painfully slow and in traffic.

I took a break less than 30 km in to meltdown in tge washeoom as it took over an hour to get there. If it were just me I would have rurbed back but my sick grandfather had doctor appointments scheduled fisr thing Tuesday so i soldiered on, back aching. Its been terrible since last week. Stress taking it up a notch. Now I am here.  Upstairs. Dreading walkng down the stairs of evil.

Tomorrow I drive back, I cringe at the thought, but I don’t have my interview clothes and i have to be on the road by 12 Wednesday dressed and on my way to the interview.

I have a patch of skin that tingles when rubbed and aches all over from driving teeth clenched for 5 hours. Gonba take some robax tonight to hopefully unwind enough I don’t trigger a migraine.

This week is barely begun and alreadymy stress levels are at an 8.




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