So this Sunday is my 31st birthday, and a friend of mine derailed my birthday plans, so basically I am doing nothing right now.  My mother offered last night that we could do whatever I want today and then go out for dinner.  She then proceeded leave before I even woke up.  She came back at 4 and we went for an early dinner, to a restaurant she chose.

We then went out to the hot tub for 20 minutes, upon where she offered to watch whatever I wanted.  When I came in after her, she was reading a book, and declared that even me talking to someone else was too loud and she needed me to be quiet.  I waited 45 minutes, before giving up and going to watch a movie on my own.

Honestly, this isn’t that much different then what I would have done.  But I adjusted my plans for the day to make room for doing something with Mom.  And twice in a row she offered something she had no intention on following through with.

For most people that probably wouldn’t matter that much, but for me, that ruined my weekend.  Like changing a meal at the last minute, changing plans upsets my entire day.  Once I plan something I count on it coming to pass. No matter what.


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