So I have gotten over the diarrhea, and today have….nausea.  It could be that time of the month, it could be food poisoning, the flu, death.  Or it could all be in my head.  But which is it, and how can I be sure.

It comes and goes, its more so when I am hungry, or gassy, but it disappears when I am distracted by midsommer murders, or hit a good spot in my book. I think honestly it may be a minor actual problem being amplified by my overwhelming anxiety.  I am now overplanning my trip to death, and know in advance that there will be a meltdown tomorrow when I got to pack.  Right now i am actually panicking that I might have E-coli, or Friday I will have a migraine and be unable to drive.

I wish I were one of those people who could, if not enjoy travelling, at least be able to go out get in a car and drive without a week long panic in advance of it.  Will probably be updating again tomorrow as the panic really sets in.  Or at 4am if this go to bed earlier plan backfires.


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