I get migraines without auras, auras without pain, and rarely both together.  This morning I woke up at my lip was tingling in that way that I now recognize as a migraine aura.  This time I didn’t panic.  I have a diagnosis, this is a migraine aura.  I had an EKG, EEG, CBC, and CAT scan, overall it was concluded that I have migraines.  i get one sided headaches, and I get one sided moving numbness from my cheek minor, increasing into my bottom lip, then to my thumb, moving from finger to finger, finally in just the heel of my hand and then gone.  Usually this lasts 4-7 minutes, today was 9.5.  It may be that I got the timer on faster today because I recognized it so quickly.  It was gradual as usual and by the time me pinky was going numb my lip and cheek were done, and my thumb and index finger were clearing up.  I had minor head pain in that side of my head.  As soon as it was done the fog cleared, there was no weakness anywhere, no facial problems…Though i do feel kinda plastic on my left face side now that I am writing this.  But this I have found is anxiety. As soon as I stop thinking about this the feeling will stop.  I was tired last night, and I did have a bit of inexplicable diarrhea right before bed, which is something I have come to notice precedes an attack.  I worked without water for a while, so it may have been a little dehydration there as well.

Knowing all this, having been diagnosed, stopped the pill, I still am terrified hours after aura symptoms have left.  I am always, in part, afraid I am having strokes, despite the symptoms coming on gradually instead of suddenly, despite no lingering defects.  For the next week every time I talk too fast, and someone needs clarification I will worry I am slurring my words.  Every time I trip that I have motor deficiency.  Every time I can’t remember a word, will suddenly be a cognitive decline.  Every time I lean on my elbow too long, or scrunch up my leg and I get pins an needles it will be the “big one”. Despite knowing that I have migraines, I can’t help but panic every time I get the aura.   Its been a year since I last saw the neurologist, I may book a follow up, just to see if everything is still ok.  On the bright side, my foot is about 1000 times better since I rested and elevated it last night.  Worrying about having strokes has completely overridden my obsession over have a a stress fracture in my foot….


2 thoughts on “Auras- Not a stroke

  1. I have a lot of health anxiety and strokes/heart attacks are up there for things I worry about the most. I also get migraines and daily stress headaches :/ The first few years of having headaches I was constantly panicking until I was finally diagnosed. Still, when I get really bad ones or weird auras, I still tend to panic a little :/

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I apparently have had migraines for about 15 years, but was only diagnosed a year ago after developing auras. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who occasionally thinks these indicate I am dying.

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