The top of my foot hurts when walking without shoes. I am on day 3 of this.  Days 2/3 are worse than day 1.  In defense of my foot I tried to walk through day 1 rather than sitting down, and apparently this was not a good plan.  And I thought I figured out what was aggravating it, but I just slowed down rather than stopping it entirely, so I really can’t expect much. Overall when wearing shoes I have zero pain.  I am going to try and wait till Monday to get checked out.  Try and rest it, or wear some indoor shoes around the house tomorrow when cleaning.

The reason I am posting this tonight is because I am disappointed  in myself, because I stopped mid entry about sleep, to google my symptoms, then to Webmd.  This basically means that tonight the hypochondria won.  I lost, I researched something online rather than speaking with a health professional.  If its not any better tomorrow I will call 811 and get a recommendation for how to proceed.  But really even I know they wont have any because you have to have had something 3 plus days, and increasing pain despite home treatment for a doctor to seriously evaluate an injury/illness.  3 days with, I was too stupid to stay off of it or even take anti-inflammatories the first 2 days is going to be like, so you walked on a hurt foot and think you know what caused it but continued that action for 3 days.  Basically they will tell me to stop and see if it gets better.  But I didn’t, I went on Webmd, which tells me if could be a stress fracture, or sciatica, or, I could be dying.  This is not going to help me with my sleep window.  And having had similar, less intense pain in this region before, I know that in the past, rest has done this well.  Why, why do I do this to myself?


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