Anxiety Strikes

I often start to panic, am i having a heart attack or stroke. Right now my typos are amplifying that. Each “symptom” I focus on gets worse and I develop another. All I need is a 30 second distraction and it will all be gone. Now I have generalized lip tingling , and nose. Following 2 chest pains, a minute of nausea, dizziness. Note those weren’t at the same time. And some separated by several minutes. So I am fine. And I am at my new job. So I cant panic here.  I think I am now panicking that i might panic…


Car Panic

I started a new 2 day a week job where I changed jobs and am now full time foe shit pay. Its a lot of commuting, but I am carpooling.

I am nauseated by the reading while driving and being hungry.  And my finger is almost tingling, and I had a few bruef psngs of chest pain. And as in any situation where I have nothing else to do I began to panic. Which made everything worse.  Now that I got  distracted by trying to write this legibly while in stop and go traffic its all stopped.

This is anxiety…..

Broken Toe – Real Problems are Awesome

I broke a toe this afternoon when cleaning.  You would think being a hypochondriac that would send me spiraling.  What most people don’t realize is that this is what we live for.  Actual illnesses or injuries are gold, because you can deal with a real problem.  RICE, tape the toes together, stay off it, wear shoes if you gotta walk.  Every time that toe hurts it draws focus from the other 3000 things you think you have wrong with you.  Unlike an anxiety, a real problem can be dealt with and mitigated head on.I am NOT advocating self harm.  I am mostly looking at the bright side of being clumsy AF.

This doesn’t just apply to physical problems with hypochondria, but other problems with anxiety in general.  Trying to sleep before catching the bus in the morning is dreadful, after I have missed the bus, I am in the zone.  Crisis management is my specialty.  I worried the hell out of this for days, and now, well my morning will never run as effectively as when I have started off by screwing up.

This just doesn’t work with my problems, it works, even better I might add, with other problems.  You have centipedes in your sink, downstairs neighbors have bedbugs, not sure if your tires are low, can’t pack all your stuff in the car, I am there.  Years of over-packing made me a packing ninja, I have a tire gauge cause I am paranoid about a flat, I had a neighbor think they have bedbugs so I know all the next steps, I can google that bug and how to get rid of it.  Your problems are like a good book, 100% distraction from my own life. Also since your problems are really problems, again, there IS a solution. A set response, and an answer.  I love it.

The weirdest part, is once your problems have been talked over, I don’t worry about them.  My anxiety is 100% focused in on me, so you tell me your problems, I ALWAYS want to hear them. Is it just me,  or does anyone else take solace in trying to deal with other peoples anxieties?