This isnt actually good news. I havent been on because my new job has been going well and I have been keeping a lid on my anxiety. Until I wasn’t.

My parents are on vacation put of country, and I am apartment hunting. I didnt even realize how bad my anxiety was getting until I found myself reading articles about cancer and blood clots.


My leg has been hurting, therefore I am dying. Now I finally got a look in a well lit mirror, its a varicose vein. My first, though spider veins ae a thing. Once I get thr apartment, weight loss is going to have to be my number one priority.


I think a large part od this has been my new family doctor sending me for eat only weeks after my pre employment medical. Its like i get too much medical attention and i see a bunch of sick people and…

Anyways at my next doctors visit I am going to ask about the varicose veins. I am now worried they will kill me. Anxiety : 1 Me:0


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